Hobby Season

Hobby Season


Travel near or far to experience your hobby season activities. Inside or outside, engage in new paths of self-adventure.


Push the edges of your personal boundaries of intellect, speed, height boundaries of intellect, speed, height and skill. Step free of self-limitations.


Visit and test a wide range of tools and materials, boards, clothing, machines and instruments designed to elevate your hobby experience.


Enroll in the courses, demonstrations and classes necessary to participate in the hobbies you want to excel at.

Hobby Season Spotlight

Events & Opportunities

These opportunities to grow, socialize, exercise and learn are called hobbies. Meetup events, competitions, forums and expos offer great opportunities to meet like-interested people.


Meet the people who are crushing it in your chosen hobby sphere.  Learn how they started, how they became proficient and where their future hobby aspirations are.


No matter which hobby you’re in, if you’re regularly spending the time, you will build the confidence associated with consistent practice.


Learning from the gurus who can improve your hobby performance is a building block in deciding which hobby you’ll invest yourself deeply in.  Books, workshops, forums and webinars are your experience treasures.


See it and hear it from a perspective that’s immersive and possibly instructive.  Photography, video, audio and graphics that bring hobbies up close.

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Hobby Season



The most rewarding way to find out how good a fit a hobby might be is to give it a full tasting. Sample it completely.



The choice based upon a good experience is the one that’ll be least likely to carry the tax of buyer’s remorse with it, because you will have bought into it completely.



After you’re into that hobby, make the commitment to include it in your weekly routine.  That’s the difference between a personal fad and a hobby.

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